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What should you do if it is not the right coral or the coral is not in the right condition?

1: Take a clear photo of the dead or wrong coral and mail the photo on the same day of receipt to and state the article number of the coral you ordered.

2: Never throw away a coral without permission. This will void the warranty.

3: Never return coral without permission

4: Without proof of the dead or wrong coral, Sennas corals cannot provide credit.

5: Sennas corals will contact you within 5 working days to see how the corals are doing

6: If you have approval of warranty, we will contact you for a credit on your account. So we don't give money back

Shipping costs are not reimbursed!


Why only arrival guarantee?

We cannot guarantee the survival of coral in your aquarium.
Light, currents and water quality have a severe influence on the color and quality of the coral, which can cause a coral to quickly change color or die.
You are responsible for maintaining the correct water values, which is important for the animals that live there.
Sennas corals therefore only guarantees good arrival of the right coral in the right condition and unfortunately not after a few days.
If you have any further questions, please contact us

1: verzenden is op eigen risico

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